What’s Walter Lee Doing in Vietnam?

In just two days, Dr. Lee has collected anonymous quality of life data on more than 350 patients in Vietnam, using economical tablets and REDCap.

Dr. Lee chose a PROMIS instrument, which was then translated by his colleagues in Vietnam. The translation came back to Duke in a Word document, and the fields were copied into REDCap, which renders the Vietnamese alphabet. All fields included the original English, as well. Kindle Fires were set up with the survey link, and the survey settings adjusted so that upon completion of one, it would circle back and present the beginning of the survey ready for the next participant. Dr. Lee packed ten Fires in his luggage, and flew to Vietnam for several projects. On January 22 and 24, more than 350 completed surveys were logged into REDCap.

We look forward to getting the full story on this global health project from Dr. Lee upon his return!