Investigator (PI)

Collaborating with CHEER APPLIED as an investigator (PI) gives you access to a virtual study team to complement many aspects of your existing resources. Our powerful network has expertise in health informatics to provide data analysis and insight into your research questions. We can be your research methodologists.

As a CHEER PI, you benefit from:

  • Faster study design and start-up times. CHEER’s experience with clinical effectiveness research can minimize study startup times and provide cost- effective resources.
  • Access to big data resources to inform epidemiological studies and practice patterns.
  • Expanded sample sizes and improved data via collaboration with a portfolio of CHEER member sites.
  • The ability to view sites in the CHEER Network and a site profile database with de-identified, patient-level information to provide pilot data for grant applications or to identify sites for collaboration.
  • CHEER’s relationship with the Duke Clinical Research Institute gives you access to their statistical, regulatory, and coordinating expertise to complement your existing resources.
  • Access to the Consolidated Database for Otolaryngology (CDO), the foremost clinical research database in our specialty. Participation will increase research citations for you and your research.

Join our network as a PI

Learn about the requirements to join our network. Then, submit a project concept to the CHEER team.