Almost 1000 surveys in 3 days

Dr. Walter Lee collected quality of life data based on a PROMIS instrument from almost 1000 patients in hospitals in Vietnam. This was accomplished via paper and daily data entry on Kindle Fire tablets into a REDCap database. The low-cost, easy-to-use tablets enabled quick completion of the forms and no worries about papers going astray or anyone needing to log in to the secured database. A survey link on the native browser directed to Dr Lee’s survey for anonymous data entry, and automatically looped to the beginning of the survey as each one was submitted, allowing for efficient anonymous data gathering.

Patients were asked to rate their overall health, overall quality of life, overall mental health,
social satisfaction, ability to socialize, ability to perform daily physical activities, how often they were bothered by emotional problems, fatigue, and pain.

Questions were based on the PROMIS SF v1.1 – Global Health short form.

This pilot data will inform Dr. Lee’s future projects. We look forward to seeing what happens next!