Duke University

Network Directors

David L. Witsell, MD, MHS (PI)

Debara L. Tucci, MD, MS (Co-PI)

  • Responsible for the overall administrative function of the network
  • Recruit and develop network regional centers
  • Interact with sponsors
  • Develop research ideas
  • Review research protocols
  • Facilitate activities surrounding protocol implementation
  • Oversee data management, analysis, and publication

Network Coordinators

Amy Walker, CRC

  • IRB support
  • Site coordination

Erika Juhlin

  • Website development
  • Project/initiative support

CHEER Network Project Leader and Co-Investigator

Kristine A Schulz, DrPH, MPH

  • Collaborator at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Project leader for all network activities (e.g. studies; collaboration development; annual coordinator and PI meetings; expert panels; grants and manuscript development)
  • Relationship building and coordination with AAO-HNSF memberships
  • Promotion of CHEER through AAO-HNSF meetings and publications