What is the CHEER clinical research network?

CHEER is the national resource for practice-based clinical research in hearing and communicative sciences. Research conducted by CHEER will result in a new understanding of disease epidemiology and natural history, and widely effective and generalizable treatment strategies that are easily incorporated into clinical practice. Research conducted via CHEER will facilitate “back translations” of the clinical experience with disease to basic and translational researchers who will gain new insight into and focus on possible disease mechanisms. Researchers will seek out CHEER as an effective partner for feasible, important, clinical research in the hearing and communicative sciences.

Collaboration and participation in CHEER will attract the most qualified and dedicated community practitioners who understand the role of research in everyday practice. These practitioners will adopt a culture of research and practice that is appealing to the public and results in increased quality of care.

How do I use CHEER?

Use our request information about CHEER form to send us a request for more information, an NDA regarding a potential project, etc. Collaborate with CHEER to learn more about submitting a project. See our project concept submission page to find out more about submitting a non-industry project supported in part by CHEER.

How do I join CHEER?

Read how to Collaborate with CHEER.

How do I contact CHEER for more information?

Request information from CHEER using our online form.

Where is CHEER located?

The coordinating center for CHEER is located at the Duke Clinical Research Institute in Durham, NC. Our address is DUMC 3805, Durham, NC 27710. You can contact CHEER at info@cheerapplied.org.