Executive Team

Dr. WitsellDavid L. Witsell, MD, MHS (PI) is a member of the Research Advisory Board and the Practice-Based Research Task Force of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Past service positions with the AAOHNS include Director of Research, Research Advisory Committee, Director of Clinical Scholars Program, Board of Directors, Foundation Board of Directors, Medical Director National Center for the Promotion of Research in Otolaryngology, Chair: Science and Education Committee.   Dr. Witsell is a Professor at Duke University Medical Center, where he is the Medical Director of the Duke Voice Care Center. He graduated with honors from University of Colorado Medical School, and has received numerous service awards.

Dr. TucciDebara L. Tucci, MD (Co-PI) co-founded the Duke Hearing Center, and is director of Duke’s cochlear implant program. She graduated from University of Virginia School of Medicine. She earned her Master of Business Administration from Duke University Fuqua School of Business. Dr. Tucci is a member of the NIDCD Scientific Advisory Council and has served on advisory committees and task forces for the NIDCD.   She is a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. She has served on the AAOHNS Research Advisory Board, AAOHNS Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and numerous subcommittees. Dr. Tucci has been a guest examiner, Oral Board Exam, for the American Board of Otolaryngology; President of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology; and Education Director of the American Otological Society, and is active in numerous professional societies.

Dr. SchulzKristine Schulz, DrPH, MPH, is a researcher with Virginia Commonwealth University, and holds an adjunct position with the Division of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences at Duke University Medical Center. She is a co-investigator on several NIH funded initiatives including the national CHEER Practice-based research network and two training and mentorship grants in hearing & communication sciences, along with several foundation-sponsored studies on topics including sudden sensorineural hearing loss and migraine.  Dr. Schulz also works with several large national datasets and staffs a national task force of practice-based researchers and surgical residents exploring and publishing on key topics in otolaryngology.  She is interested in exploring approaches to aggregate and display data in compelling ways to maximize its utility for all audiences — patient, provider, and researcher alike.  Dr. Schulz collaborates on national data and research initiatives with the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation where she formerly served as their Chief Research Officer.  She received her MPH with a focus in epidemiology from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey at Rutgers and her DrPH from Loma Linda University.

Dr. SchreibsteinJerry Schreibstein, MD, FACS, is a past Chair of the Board of Governors of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery where he serves on their Board of Directors. He is a past President of the Massachusetts Society of Otolaryngology and a Councilor of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American College of Surgeons.

He trained with Dr. Barry Jacobs at the highly regarded Boston University/Tufts University Combined Program. He has trained at the Lahey Clinic, The Children’s Hospital, New England Medical Center, Boston City Hospital, the Head and Neck service at Boston Veterans Medical Center and the University Hospital in Boston.  He served as Administrative Chief Resident 1993-1994.

Dr. RauchSteven D. Rauch, MD graduated from Amherst College with a BS cum laude in Biology in 1975 and received his MD from University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1979. He took two years of General Surgery training at University of Massachusetts Medical Center and then took his Otolaryngology residency at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, where he has remained on faculty ever since. He is Professor of Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School and a Senior Surgeon on the Otology Service at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. He is Director of The Clinical Balance Center of the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary. He is Co-Chair of Research Training in his department and Chair of the Human Studies Committee of the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary. Dr. Rauch has just completed a 4-year term on the Advisory Council of the NIH-NIDCD and has just been appointed to the NIDCD Board of Scientific Councilors. Dr. Rauch divides his time between clinical practice of otology, teaching, and research.

His research focus is on combined disorders of hearing and balance, with special attention to Meniere’s syndrome and to sudden deafness. He has been principal investigator of an NIH-supported project on measurement of vestibular function in Meniere’s syndrome and Study Chair and PI of an NIH-supported multicenter clinical trial of treatment for sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Dr. Rauch is an expert in the diagnosis and management of human inner ear and balance disorders and in clinical assessment of human balance.

Dr. Nguyen-huynhAnh T. Nguyen-Huynh, MD, PhD earned his MD and his PhD from Harvard Medical School. He completed a fellowship in Neurotology/Skull base surgery at Stanford, and is board certified in Otolaryngology and Neurotology. Currently an Assistant Professor in OHSU Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Nguyen-Huynh is a clinician with interests covering all disorders of the ear, including infection, hearing loss, vertigo, facial palsy, and tumors of temporal bone and cerebellopontine angle. He is also a researcher passionate about both basic and translational science, studying the molecular genetics of Meniere’s disease, finding better treatment for sudden hearing loss, and improving balance function in patients after surgery for acoustic neuroma.

Dr. LangmanAlan W. Langman, MD is the founder and head otolaryngologist of Puget Sound Hearing and Balance, and has been a practicing Otolaryngologist for over 20 years. Dr. Langman is a graduate of Hahnemann University, The University of California, San Francisco, Otolaryngology Residency and The Otology Neurotology Fellowship at The University of Michigan. He was an Associate Professor and Director of Otology & Neurotology at Allegheny University of the Healthy Sciences. He is an affiliate of The Virginia Merrill Bloedel Research Center.

Dr. Langman has particular expertise in hearing restoration, cochlear implants, acoustic tumor and skull base surgery, as well as the surgical and medical management of dizziness and chronic ear disease.

He is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery and the American Neurotology Society. He lectures nationally and internationally and is an editor and a member of the editorial boards of several journals in his specialty.

Dr. Langman has also been featured on several local and national television and radio shows.